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若是你有興趣進一步瞭解 Bitcoin 的更多技術細節,建議你從以下文件開始。


The Bitcoin system was originally designed by Satoshi Nakamoto. His original Bitcoin codebase is now being maintained as Bitcoin Core by the following developers and a community of volunteers.

Wladimir J. van der Laan
Gavin Andresen
Jeff Garzik
Gregory Maxwell
Pieter Wuille

Responsible disclosure

If you find a vulnerability related to Bitcoin, non-critical vulnerabilities can be emailed in English to any of the core developers or sent to the private bitcoin-security mailing list listed above. An example of a non-critical vulnerability would be an expensive-to-carry-out denial of service attack. Critical vulnerabilities that are too sensitive for unencrypted email should be sent to one or more of the core developers, encrypted with their PGP key(s).


Bitcoin 屬於開放原始碼,任何開發者都能參與這個專案。你所需要的一切都在Github repository上。請確實閱讀並遵守 README 裡的開發流程、提供高品質的程式碼,以及遵守所有的指導方針。

Bitcoin 的開發討論在 github 上進行,在 sourceforge 有bitcoin-development的郵件清單。 上有非正式的開發討論 #bitcoin-dev (→web 界面; 日誌)。


You can choose a project to contribute to by answering a few questions about your skills.

Developer communities

The following chatrooms and websites host discussions about Bitcoin development. Please be sure to read their rules of conduct before posting.

Bitcoin Core 貢獻者